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Originally Posted by Ross G Caldwell
You are absolutely right Satori, the Earth isn't there because we are on it. In the old system, the Earth was considered the centre of the Universe, and it did not move. It wasn't a planet. Planet means "wanderer." Up in the sky there were objects that moved - the seven planets - but Earth was fixed, immovable. The Sun went around US - and so did the Stars.
Yet as I see it in the oldest way of looking at things (meaning the original correct way, before its 'corruption by inexactness'), saw the whole as anthropocentric, hence earth-centered only in that man is fulcrum (point of balance between outer and inner horizons) and man's average position is nearer earth's center than the sun's or galaxy's. And indeed it is true that the great year, whose physical or proximate cause is gyroscopic precession, results in the entire physical heavens revolving once about the zodiac-of-the-body (meaning the link between spring's springing up and man's head pointing up, between summer's filling-out and woman's breasts doing the same, and so on) every (what-is-it) 25-some-odd-thousand years.

Surely you agree that the Tree in Asiyah or Coins delineates the temporal spectrum as eternity, great year, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, year, Venus, Mercury, month, day ('day' meaning today, the fleeting present instant)?
All of those orders are different - there's even another one (not to confuse you further) - the days of the week! Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn.
. . . where going forward by twos ascends and going back by twos descends (the Tree in Asiyah, taking 'Sun' as merely the year, rather than great-year/year/day or 2/6/10). I've never figured this one out myself (beyond what I just said).
Then there's one closer to home (esoterically), the Sefer Yetzirah -
There is no consensus on the order you give here for Sefer Yetzirah: it is more consistantly given in Chaldean order, is it not?
The GD didn't use this one, but they used the Sefer Yetzirah's Zodiac attributions. Go figure.
This is only natural, since they are based simply on alef-bet order (itself a jumbling of proto-bardic order but at least an agreed-upon jumbling).

Sorry to roil the waters (just bored, I guess). Cheeryo.
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