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Originally Posted by sweet_intuition
The three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) were rediscovered during the time of the GD, hence that caused the change in the planetary correspondences. The older continental correspondences never took these into account as they didn't "exist" back then.
All very true, where exoteric science is concerned. But I would argue that existence of three non-manifest 'nodes' in the system is easily deducible once the inner (i.e. psychic or subtle) mechanics of the solar system are understood. You see, air is acted on by fire in the Sun (as 2, the great year), acts on water through Saturn (3) and on earth through Jupiter (4). Water is acted on by fire in the Moon (9), by air in Mercury (8), by [/b]water itself[/b] in Venus (7), acts on water itself via the year (6) and on earth via Mars (5). Earth (10) is acted on by all of the other three elements.

This leaves fire (the radiant layer, stellar mechanics being a matter mediated by electromagnetic forces, sayeth plasma cosmology, not gravitational, as is generally and naively believed) to act on air-water-and-earth via a single number (whereas 10 has the rest of number as its field, being the start of the numerological repeating of the 1/2/3/4/-4/-3/-2/-1/-0 pattern ad infinitum). As fire, it does act in a unified way (all energy being defined globally, not locally, as it is based on the system of which it is part). But as soon as things progress beyond 1's unity into the actual elements acted upon, meaning once unmanifested air is reached, we would expect three nodes to appear as the result of fire's activity, to act as channels of said influence just as all the other influences have their channels. The only difference (which I just now realized, while explaining this) is that each of these three are single planets (as befits fire's unity), while the rest flow from one planet to another.

I hope I've expressed thiings clearly enough. If not, bug me about it and I'll respond. (The reasoning behind the above dynamic structure for instance, omitted for brevity, can be explained should anyone here be interested in its origin).
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