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When I first did my grouping exercises it was out of sheer boredom.

I had gotten them from my mom...who had found them at a garage sale.
They had no box or book, and were tied with a rubber band. I hadn't a clue what they were (or that they were missing a few cards!)
i just knew they were very cute...and I was instantly smitten.

So then ...the next day I'm on vacation for a week, and I have nothing to i look through my new cards...and start grouping them, and talikng to them, and telling little stories with them.

They don't stay well in the groups...that's true!
So...I start groupling them in different ways...and I keep doing it!
Sometimes I group them without looking...(about four in each group) and then try and figure out what they have in common!

I think I have only ever done this exercise with two other decks...the Madame Endora (or which, I believe the CLOW is kin)and the Froud's faeries.

The CLOW are closely linked now with my Psycards and my Madame Endora...if I have to catagorize the whole is a very small child (about ages 5) who happens to be wise beyond her years. And yet still playfull and innocent.
That's why I consider the CLOW the youngest sibling of my Three Sisters decks...she matches the teenage Endora, and the Collage sis Psycards very well.

But she's the most pouty...and the most likely to throw a tantrum. She is also the most honest too...because she is young and doesn't know any better...and the wisest...(for the same reason!)

But that's the whole deck together...each card individually has it's various degrees of wisdom and innocence...and playfullness, and tantrum.

it will be fun to do some structured exercises with them. I think they are grown up enough now for that!
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