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Originally Posted by Satori
Does the Bubbles grow up into a different form or does she just stay forever the sweet little mermaid?

Ha...funny you should mention this, Satori!

Last night, (4 in the morn...can't sleep!) I tried to sort and catagorize them...but they were doing something completelty different!

Have any of you ever seen Pokemon? The show with the little anime critters?

Well, pokemon start out as a juvenille base form...and then they evolve into something meaner or bigger or more powerful.

Well, that's what my CLOW did last night!

they paired up to show me how it might be if one ws a younger form...and the other an older more evolved form.

(I think this came with the first exercise of the Return and the Time...the return seems like a younger version ...although in this case I suspect it might be the other way around...via time travel)

anyway...some cards like the Little> the Big seemed obvious.

like the Voice>The Song

but some were very interesting!

the Cloud>The Sweet (I can see how that's possible...the sweet is an older version of cloud...mmmm reminds me of cotton candy!)

or the Sleep>the Dream makes so much sense!

the Bubbles becomes the Mist, while the Wave becomes the Watery(and becomes the Wave again!)

Here are some strange ones...
By the way...this is only how they fit together last night...I'm sure it's bound to change!

the Maze>the Create

The Jump>the Through

The Power>the Snow

The Shot>the Windy

The Storm>the Flower (can you sort of see why?)

The Shadow>the Silent (or vice versa...hard to tell)

The Mirror>the Illusion

and My favorite...

The Change>the Fiery>the Fly! (three forms! Now that's evolving!)

I'm curious if this works for you guys as well!
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