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Hi - here are my thoughts on Magic. I can see and agree with what has been stated in previous posts - except the sitar! - can't see that. I *can* see a bird - it's head is turned towards the yellow sun, its beak over the top of the mask's left eye, its wings outstretched - you can see the tip of one wing overlapping the silvery moon crescent.

Masks are deceptive - hiding what cannot be seen - giving us the idea of the trickster in the Magician. But also masks are used in ritual and magic. Used in this way we have the element of personal force, the High Magician, using his Will (in the Crowley sense) to make things happen. This is 'I am'.

Now - quite what the significance of the bird is....I don't quite know. Birds are about freedom, flight? Any clues anyone?

Why do you reckon the mask is such a strange shape - with a section missing from the top? Why not just make it round? Hope some of you are still kicking around to give me your feedback on this? :-)
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