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Originally Posted by Teheuti
Aryeh Kaplan in _Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation in Tehory and Practice_ has a table with the correspondences from eight different versions of the SY:

To summarize the options:
Bet - Moon, Saturn
Gimel - Mars, Jupiter, Sun
Dalet - Sun, Mars, Moon
Kaf - Venus, Sun, Mars
Peh - Mercury, Venus
Resh - Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter
Tav - Jupiter, Moon, Venus
The Chaldean is nonetheless the most common and variations are in the later texts.

I'm not familiar with a Tarot deck that uses these correspondences. Does anyone know of such a deck?

I use these correspondences [chaldean] with the TdM; that is a personal application of course and not meant to imply intention of such on the part of the authors.

As far as I recollect the only tarot decks to actually use the correspondences of any version of the SY are the 20th century Spanish decks that use the correspondences of the Gra redaction. These are a late redaction, changed to better correspond with Zohar and Luria, and have become the mainstream of modern Jewish kabbalah.

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