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Originally Posted by Teheuti
Kwaw -

With these correspondences - do you actually use the the astrological meanings for the planets with these cards? For instance, how do you interpret the Tower as Venus?

Yes I do, I have gone into these in several other threads but will gladly go over them again. Only it is 2am here at the moment and I have to up for work at 6.30 so must get to bed and leave explanations until later. So that you may better follow my explanations let me just briefly say I place them on the tree so:

Bateleur - Saturn - path Kether - Tifareth
Popesse - Jupiter - path Chokmah - Chesed
Empress - Mars - path Binah - Geburah
WoF - Sun - path Tifareth - Yesod
Tower - Venus - path Chesed - Netzach
Sun - Mercury - path Geburah - Hod
World - Moon - path Yesod - Malkuth

Notice the tower is thus on the path between the sphere of Venus, Netzach, and the sphere of Jupiter , Chesed.

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