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Aghhhhhh! Thanks everyone but I am no further ahead in understanding. I don't understand why Waite or Golden Dawn has those, what seems fairly strained correspondences for the 7 double letters- Mercury, Moon, Venus- seem right and then it all goes to hell in my mind. I like brightness by my eye order
Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury...... I like the Mother letters Aleph, Mem, Shin Air-Water-Fire. So I am off to try and do my own chart of 22 Trumps, I do not think I will be using the Golden Dawn ones. I feel like giving the Sun to the Star as we only have one star- but is is the only constant I can find in that it is Aquarius. This exercise has me singing that Harry Belafonte song...

It was clear as mud but it covered the ground
And the confusion made the brain go round
I went and ask a good friend of mine
Known to the world as Albert Einstein
He said -Rosanne, from the beginning of time and creativity
There existed the force of relativity
Pi is square and a minus ten means a routine only when
The solar system in one light year
Make the Hayden planetarium disappear
So if Mt Everest doesn't move
I am positive that it will prove
That the woman piaba and the man piaba
And the Ton Ton call baka lemon grass,
The lily root, gully root, belly root uhmm,
And the famous grandy scratch scratch.

off to scratch my head! ~Rosanne
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