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Isn't it interesting though that the Cipher Manuscript and the G.D. tradition follows NONE of the possible Sefer Yetzirah versions in its allocation of letters-planets to tarot trumps - although it does follow the SY's order of the signs to the twelve single letters.

Westcott's translation (1887) presents the planet-letter attributions as an "Appendix, found in some versions" to Chapter IV, as well as the sign-letter attributions as an appendix to Chapter V. But whoever wrote the Cipher ms. appears to have regarded only the first set as arbitrary.

The Cipher Manuscript order (familiar to everyone):

Beth - Mercury - Magician
Gimel - Moon - High Priestess
Daleth - Venus - Empress
Caph - Jupiter - Wheel of Fortune
Peh - Mars - Tower
Resh - Sun - Sun
Tau - Saturn - World

The Cipher ms. appears to have given the sign-single letter attributions primacy, and then fit the planetary-letter attributions to the tarot cards according to a perceived symbolic relationship.

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