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Originally Posted by Rosanne
I feel like giving the Sun to the Star as we only have one star- but is is the only constant I can find in that it is Aquarius.
Stop and think: we only have the scientists' word for the sun's being a star, and since this is something still quite theoretical (unlike, say, the periodic table, which is firmly established), judging by their track-record I would remain skeptical, were I you. Of course since I take sol to be the focus of air's receptivity to starlight or fire -- the point of 'discharge' so to speak of the electromagnetic grid (the stellar reaches) -- I reject the equation utterly, deferring to the Hermetic model in all matters where it offers the superior model.
Originally Posted by kwaw
The kneeling figure of the Star card has clear parallels with images of Aquarius.
Yet the Marseilles trump Temperance -- which certainly predates all the later esoteric 'jugglery' -- has the symbol for the sign aquarius right on it (in the wavy lines between the jugs).
I suppose the most straightforward allocation for the Sun card would be the Sun.
. . . if it happens to line up with a double in whatever scheme one has adopted.
Originally Posted by kwaw
Very, very briefly, Venus = insatiable desire of the appetitive soul [the ever consuming, all devouring mouth; Pe means 'mouth'].
It seems to me (and others) that peh is the mouth in speaking -- that is, with its tongue articulated within it (in square Hebrew) -- whereas mouth as recepticle would appear to be kaf -- without a tongue articulated in it in other words, a mere cave or cavity into which to put things. But going back to old Hebrew, it would actually be reysh, surely, based as it was on the hieratic of the mouth hieroglyph r, according to scholars (of the 19th century, meaning pre-'Sinaicitus'). [The four horizontal, or flat, hieroglyphs corresponding to the four doubles from horizon without to straight down (the four elements) in Egyptian (as opposed to the 'group writing' used in foreign words that formed the basis of old Hebrew) were hand tongs basket mouth (d t k r), it being however t the duckling whose hieratic form became tav (from the cross prominent in its hieratic form).]
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