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Originally Posted by venicebard
It seems to me (and others) that peh is the mouth in speaking -- that is, with its tongue articulated within it (in square Hebrew) -- whereas mouth as recepticle would appear to be kaf -- without a tongue articulated in it in other words, a mere cave or cavity into which to put things. ]
I reference speaking later in the same post. The letter Beit is formed of the white space inside the letter Pe; the mouth, in which the tongue is housed. The tongue is an organ of taste, and also part in the processing of food as well as one of articulation.

definition from biology online:

Tongue: An organ situated in the floor of the mouth of most vertebrates and connected with the hyoid arch.

The tongue is usually muscular, mobile, and free at one extremity, and in man other mammals is the principal organ of taste, aids in the prehension of food, in swallowing, and in modifying the voice as in speech.

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