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OK with all your help, I have come to this conclusion.
Once upon a time a set of papers were found which are called the Cipher Manuscripts. A guy called Wescott gave them to a guy called Mathers to make them fit grades in the Golden Dawn. They looked somewhat similar to a 15th century code by Abbott Trithemius.
They became the basis for mostly all the attributions that we a familiar with now- given all the RWS clones of the last 100 years or so.
This I why I was confused- they look all most like Chakras/Colours, but not quite.
They do not fit, the Biblical/Chaldean/planetary/by eye or classical order/hours/days/weeks/SY-/rainbow/scale/chakra.... that I can tell.
So I am going to take them as misinterpretations to be kind. So to answer my own original question of the thread- are they a mess? Yes if I take the Golden Dawn Order. ~Rosanne
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