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Originally Posted by kwaw
In terms of the wordplay, note also that SPR, as well as being the root of words for teacher [of the torah], letter, document, book [especially holy], text, writing, scribe, number, counting, declare, narrative etc; also means to cut, shear, shave. One may say that this is the core meaning, in that to write or to count is to make a mark, a cut; and that Yah in the SY carves, hewns, engraves.
After noting (in passing) that both ogham and runes are cut and that ogam consaine (w/o vowels) goes back several millenniums, and that letters generally were cut in stone (Egypt, Anatolia, Peterborough [Ca.], north-western Europe, and all parts in between), it is interesting that of the roots beginning in peh about a third -- in the mid-twenties -- are separate, cut, divide, tear, rend, etc., and that in two or three roots (only one beginning with peh) the idea of cutting/dividing is linked to music, the cutting-up of time, and that music is the mainstay of the poet (the 'backdrop' or 'stage' of the voice). And amonst these roots are several that convey 'distinction' as a form of 'separation', as I alluded to before. Add to these two for 'open wide the mouth' and one for mouth as aperture, along with a couple for 'hollow out' or 'dig' and one for 'hide, conceal'. Add to this surprisingly few that relate to speech-and-decree, although these do include the root of the letter's name of course, which definitely evokes the act of blowing out through the mouth and hence of speech -- exemplified by the expression 'mouth to mouth' meaning w/o intervention of anyone.

And another thing: the overwhelming strength amongst the remaining roots -- again nearly a third -- invoke F-alder's position as the first month of spring. Many of the roots I have (admittedly a bit loosely, to include 'redeem' for instance, spring being winter's redemption) ascribed thereto stem from a root meaning of 'to spread or scatter', which is related to the meaning 'cut', and in fact I include PTzCh 'break in pieces' because it has also the meaning 'break forth (into singing, rejoicing)'.

Then there are the roots pointing to carnal things. All in all your peh-Venus connexion is rather strong, I think, albeit I would point to a different trump of course. I think the very strength of the idea 'divide' in peh's roots may either stem from or have contributed to (more likely the former) the splitting of peh between the P-peith-whitten that takes Ng-reed's place in the bethluisnion (probably originally P-Kelt), at the sagittary of the surroundings or Throne world (Cauldron, mouth), and the F-fearn-alder that stands in place of samekh-the-head at the aries of the torso or Yetzirah world (Egg, tongue).

Now it is an interesting thing that ogham has changed (pagan) B-L-N-F-S, the tree-months' original order (provable by phonetics), to (pagan) B-L-F-S-N, placing S at aries where F was, and noting of course that Hebrew has samekh there (I know, SY says heh, based on alef-bet order), absorbing F into peh as feh-sofit. For shin expresses spring vividly as the overflowing fountain of willow-boughs.
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