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Well VeniceBard, I should have been careful about what I wished for . I really do not know what to say.
It seems to me, somewhat like my thoughts on the Phoenician alphabet/Almanac/Abjad- not really Tarot at all, but great to consider. There seems to be so many 'blinds' uncovered by your order, that I wonder if the code of Tarot would have been used at all to describe Man and our place in the Universe.
The seven double letters, I understand from a phoenetic point of view, but being the cauldron in your list I would have thought them to be Feminine/negative signs- but no consideration given to 'it' being a woman's mouth lol.
Lets see if I can give a planet to your cauldron signs? To have a blind you need a cover. Forgive my presumption of taking the ruling planet of the sign.
D XII Hanged Man dalet cancer-of-Cauldron (horizon without) MOON
T XI Force tav leo-of-Cauldron SUN
K VIIII Hermit kaf virgo-of-Cauldron MERCURY
R XV Devil reysh libra-of-Cauldron VENUS
G X Fortune gimel scorpio-of-Cauldron MARS ????
P VII Chariot peh sagittary-of-CauldronJUPITER
B V Pope beyt capricorn-of-Cauldron (horizon within)SATURN
See what I mean? it does not seem like Tarot- it looks like an artificial fit even though the planets are in an order that is recognisable. I thank you for all your trouble and I will consider more your list. ~Rosanne
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