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MAAT Tarot Study Group-Queen of Cups

Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Scorpio

Week of the full moon in Scorpio

“The full moon phase symbolizes generosity and the need to give to others. This phase implies an intuitive objective understanding of self and others.”

Queen of Cups

Planetary ruler Venus

The image for the Queen of Cups is a woman holding apple blossoms. To her right side there is an ancient jar containing honey. This honey will be fermented and changed i n t o mead. This mead will be used in the ceremonies and celebrations surrounding the Summer Solstice. Behind her hangs a golden curtain with embroidered images of the ancient Bee goddess. This curtain represents Life's mystery and the connection of all mothers to the first ancient mothers.

This woman represents the flowering earth and she also is a flower of womanhood, attractive to her man, who together with her forms the sacred alliance known as the King and Queen of May. This is simply the sacred sexual union of male and female, which creates life on earth. She represents a time in a woman's life when she is at the peak of her fertility. She may in fact already be pregnant, this fact may be yet unknown even to her. She is innocent to the reality of what motherhood entails. She is idealistic and has no idea of the grueling job she has been given. She is full of love for her unborn child and her mate. She is prepared for a perfect future, which includes everything she has ever dreamed of.

The metaphor of the Queen of Cups can be applied to any aspect of life where creativity is involved. She is the beginning of the project the "excitement" before the reality of how much work is really required to manifest the 'Dream' into reality. Her sting is part of the bargain whether that sting is represented by the bee or the scorpian. At first all you see is the beautiful side of a situation it is what attracts you to do the work. This is how the universe intises us to get the job done.

Traditional tarot meaning: a woman with brown hair, and the zodiac sign Cancer.

In a Reading: This card represents the newly pregnant mother. She is idealistic and dreamy about her new baby and hasn’t got a clue what she has gotten herself into. She can be a bit of an emotional drama queen due to hormonal changes. This is can be the warm and fuzzy period of pregnancy.
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