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Since I have no idea in how to make links and take old threads with me I have gathered this one from the deapths of the pile.

Wigwag actually did start a shapeshifter SG many moons ago and we sort of drifted to nothing.

What if we did something like this :

-describe what you see in the card
-describe what you feel the card is telling you
-inform what the book or your own knowlegde tells about animal symbols

One card at the time, to get the full deck covered in interpretation.
This will take a veeeery long time I am in no hurry really ...

Later we could make a enter/meditate on the card

and we could get into the persona cards, soul cards, shadow cards - bound to be a twist in them eh, since 23 are made a 5 in traditional decks, but here we got dreamer staring at us instead.

What you say, anyone up for continueing this group ?
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