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Card 5: Interpreter

Well! This card took me somewhere yesterday I hadn't expected to go....!

3.1a In the case of the man, he seems very self-assured and at ease with himself. His shoulders are pulled back, his back is straight, and he has a direct, yet unthreatening gaze. It seems as though the fey have come to him, not the other way round. They look comfortable with him. Yesterday I thought the owl was like the fey - receiving messages from the man. On closer examination, it looks as though the owl is communicating with the man who is in turn passing that information on to the fey.
The weather in the background reminds me of Van Gogh - midnight blues kind of streaky, with swirly yellows - gives the impression of moody movement. So, while the front of the cards looks calm, the background looks like a storm is brewing...maybe a summer storm based on the man's attire.

3.1b I know my place in this world. I know what I am meant to do, and I know what others expect of me. It so happens that I am able to converse with almost all forms of nature. I feel that once I gain certain knowledge it is my duty to pass it on.
Sometimes I take my job too seriously and I can be stubborn and rigid, but it is a big responsibility, and I don't want to fail at it.
There is a storm brewing tonight. Do I know what I need to know about storms to be able to do my job effectively, and give these woodfolk the answers that will help keep them safe? It's something I have to stay on top of all of the time.

3.1c Hmmmmm! This one is sort of easy, but I sure didn't see it coming from this card.
I often feel this way with my kids. I feel it is important to share with them everything I've learned, whether from my distant or recent past. Someday, like little birds in the wood, they must fly and I often fear that I may not have prepared them properly. They may not be ready! Gads! What if I forgot to tell them something really important?!
It's a job I take very seriously. Oh, and I can be stubborn and rigid, too. So they tell me.
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