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Step 3 - Druidcraft - The Moon

1. The dogs on the pathway looking up at and howling at the moon seem a bit distressed or worried while the crab on the rock seems like he is hiding behind it to peer quietly at the dogs. Although it is night, the sky is bright because the moon is illuminated. Apart from the dogs howling, it is very quiet. Faintly though, the waters soft ripple of the water come in to the shore. I get a couple of feelings from this card, quietness from the night sky and the little crab but then a type of anxiety from the dogs.

2. I am happy to sit quietly on this rock, hidden, watching those dogs both sitting next to the other howling away while looking up at the sky. Its night time and apart from the noise of those dogs it would be very quiet, I can feel the rippling of the water into my back. The sound of the water at night is so relaxing but those dogs are making me feel a bit worried and anxious.

3. General situations in which my environment have shown such qualities is when I come home late at night or if I am somewhere late at night (although not necessarily, late, just dark) going to my car and having like a scared feeling of being out in the dark, not knowing or seeing what is out there lurking. I am always a bit anxious, everything seems still and quiet, and then if the moon is full the feeling is worse mainly because of all the tales that go with the moon.
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