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For Gem

Originally Posted by geministar
3. General situations in which my environment have shown such qualities is when I come home late at night or if I am somewhere late at night (although not necessarily, late, just dark) going to my car and having like a scared feeling of being out in the dark, not knowing or seeing what is out there lurking. I am always a bit anxious, everything seems still and quiet, and then if the moon is full the feeling is worse mainly because of all the tales that go with the moon.
OHHHHH you made me feel that!!! ~shudders~ ... creepy feeling.

I thought it was interesting that in Step 3.1 you noted that the dogs had anxiety, and then in Step 3.2, when you became the crab it was you feeling the anxiety and the dogs became part of the background. You absorbed the feeling ... and well step 3.3 really pulled that together. The dogs in essense are part of the fear of the night with their haunting sound ... creepy *LOL*. Not sure I will be able to look at a traditional moon card with the dogs without thinking of this.
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