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For all you runeholics, here's the prose translation of an Old English poem from the Exeter book (before 1050 AD), taken from 'Anglo-Saxon Poetry', the anthology by Bradley. The Anglo-Saxons apparently got a kick out of riddles that were obviously innuendos but officially had a very innocent solution. Anyway, this one is fairly decent and its solution is either a pen made of reed, a runestave (wood inscribed with runes), or possibly a book.

'I used to be by the sand, close by the sea-cliff at the ocean's edge; firm in my first state I stood. It was few only of humankind that observed my dwelling-place there in solitude but with each dawn the tawny wave would lap me with watery embrace. Little I imagined that early or late I should ever speak, mouthless, across the mead-bench, and communicate words. It is something of wonder, perplexing to the mind of him who knows nothing of such, how the point of a knife and the right hand, a man's ingenuity and the point together, deliberately pricked me so that I should confidently declare a message in the presence of us two alone, so that no more people might gossip our converse further afield.'
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