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You know, sometimes as a magician, it seems that there is a good natured "trickster" quality too. I get that from the twinkle in his eyes.

I loved that the Horned God (Cernunnos, Herne) is represented by the stag that he wears on his head.

I also seem to get the impression that he has studied a long time to get where he is at and in Louis's "Tarot Plain and Simple" it states, "You are about to take advantage of the expertise you have gleaned from a period of disciplined training..." (Louis, 2005. p. 55).*

I will need to reflect more on the card to get more out of it, but I also notice Robins use of Black and white candle, almost as a reflection of balancing each other. I will review Robin's book and study the card and add more to my thoughts here.

* Louis, A. (2005) Tarot Plain and Simple. St. Paul, Minnesota. Llewellyn Publications.
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