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Hi I am new!

Hi, it is May 2007, but I hope I can regenerate interest In Julies cards, particulary the DEVIL card, following the Tomb Discovery that Jesus was likely a married man. Oh No!! GASP the scandal!! Someone called the idea of Jesus being married to a woman, Archeo-porn.

No matter what ones faith is, it is a good question why this figure in Christainity was denied by the church as having a wife.

We must ask ourselves, in any religion, why women are put down and feared, for celebacy in Catholiscism, a celibate Jesus in Christianity, and celebacy in Buddhism is high regarded.

As far as we have gotten as women in the year 2007, there is still degrading pornography. A new wave of torture pornography is being created. And we hear news reports on Dateline about predators of young girls, Why?????

Society has made women out to be the "Fallen one" in Genesis. The insatiable sexual object in the media. hence, "The Devil"

Inquisition was the most terrible form of brutality mostly to women. It was probaly to do away with the memory of Mary Magdalene and her descendants. This was done to give rise to the Patriarchal system of Church and religion. The Church had to think of a reason to give the common people their right to hunt, down women, and torture them for confession. And this was made in a belief in the Devil , and branding women the consort or witch of lover of the Satan. Then to justify the murder of these women, Hellish confession tortures had to be devised.

The Catholic Inquisition was set up by the 4th Lateran Council in 1215 A.D. by Pope Gregory 9th to institutionalise what had been going on for years. It was handed over in 1232 to the Dominicans (Domini canes "the hounds of the Lord"), the Papal secret police. The Inquisition was dissolved in 1870 (only in 1982 did the Church admit the inquisition was a "mistake" (note not immoral or wrong). Its purpose was to seek out and destroy heretics (the enemy within) pagans (the enemy without), and witches (the hostility to sex and women).

Rule for Anchoresses "Art thou formed of foul slime? Art thou always full of uncleanliness?"

One way to look for a witches mark, was little moles, or skin tags which after a thorough search of the body, they would declare it the nipple for the Devil. Even the clitoris was declared as such.

One woman was arrrested because she had a argument with a neighbor who saw a snake in her garden.

Two Scottish women were killed because they tended to and cured a sick child.

One woman pulled off her socks, and it was considered a spell when another person had a accident shorttly after and lost use of their legs.

An insturment of torture was the "spider" in which a womans breasts were grappled and ripped from her body.

torture and rape were commonly used to extract confession before being burnt. Some were burned in their cottages and the burnt fat of humans would stench the air.

In front of the watching crowd, a woman gave birth amid the flames, she managed to throw out her baby for the crowd to save. The crowd threw the baby back into the flames calling it an "imp of Satan."

Clergy men would not allow any woman to have painkillers during childbirth. "tt is God's wish that they suffer."

Limbs were broken, or stretched so the joints would tear from the sockets.

One woman had hot brimstone pressed to her privates.

Others were forced to witness the torture of their children.

Friar Cherubinos Rules of Marriage. "Scold her charply.....beat her soundly....beat her not in rage but out of charity and concern for her soul, so that beating will rebound to your merit."

some information summarized from Lyn Picketts. Her research on that it is Man that creates evil. and terror against fellow man, or women.

We must protect the separation of Church and state, we must teach our daughters what happened once to 9 million of womankind. We must never let this happen again.
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