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MAAT Tarot Study Group-The High Priest

Monday May 21st we entered the

Full Moon Cycle of Sagittarius (May 21-June 20)

The High Priest

Planetary Ruler Mercury

The overall theme or lesson of this lunar cycle is about the effect of LOVE on men. Follow the lunar phases in the minor cards this month to understand the male point of view on committed relationships and how humans connect with the divine.

The full Moon in Sagittarius is the moon that honors the consort of the Great Mother, who is the Holy Father. In this image he is resting in the forest after his union with the Empress. A child-spirit hands him another arrow, which symbolizes fertility.
This moon marks the reign of the Green Man reaching his full potency. He is the old god of nature and sexual prowess who worships the goddess. The traditional Celtic Dagda was known as “good father”. The Romans called him "Dis Pater," ("God Father"). He is the Horned God (Pater) Pan or Father Pan. He is the King of Arcadia, one of the oldest gods of Greece, who is associated with Dionysus and Bacchus, God of wine and the vine. The Greeks claimed that the Egyptian's god Amon Ra was actually Pan. Panopolis was the name given to Amon Ra's holy city. The High Priest belongs to the ancient All-Fathers gods associated with divine bread. These lusty father gods of the ancient world would guarantee abundance. As the sun achieves its peak and daytime hours are the longest, it is the Sun's time to dominate. As Dionysus, this deity witnessed the holy mysteries of the goddess and, as punishment, he was torn into pieces. This action is similar to the fate of Osiris who was torn to pieces by his jealous brother Set. This phenomenon of being torn to pieces shows up in the experiences of many shamanic practitioners. Young men seeking the Egyptian priesthood were put through a grueling, highly secret 10-day initiation that included a descent into hell. The initiates went into the underworld where they experienced the trials of Isis and her experience of putting all the pieces of Osiris back together. Only the high priests were allowed to have sexual relations with the high priestesses, thus the Hierophant represents the father of the child born from the sacred union with the Empress.

Other names: The Hierophant, Pan (panic); Father Pan; Peter Pan; Robin Hood; Amon Ra; the Good Father; the Holy Father; Adonis; Dionysious; Bacchus; the green skinned Osiris; Tammuz; the father of the child of the Empress; the Consort of the Goddess; Chiron the wounded healer.

Symbols: Centaur; the horse as symbol of penis size (Kama Sutra); The Sacred King; bread & wine. Part man part beast, part human part divine.

Attributes: The archer who has spent his arrow (symbol for the erect penis); today's non-sexual Priest; sexually stagnant (Tower form); ancient priest with sexual partner

Full Moon in Sagittarius key phrase: "I see"

In a Reading: This card signifies a loving person who has been called to a spiritual life. This could be of a traditional holy religious order or non-traditional spiritual path.
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