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Jewel: Yes, sometimes it's annoying being lectured by a CARD! (Or a fish, for that matter!) But seriously, this psychological approach really works, even it you're resisting the lesson (like I am!) My mind (or whatever) knows what I need to do, and probably no matter what card I draw, it will tell me that!

I'm glad you're here to help me at least start to think about continuing on that journey!

Coyote: I had fun with the dialog, too. Strange to say, when I was a kid, it was my main form of daydreaming fantasy. I would assume characters and fantasize them talking to each other. Maybe I should take up screen-writing!

I really enjoyed the ethereal, not-of-this-world responses of your Star. They really gave me a wonderful impression of her power and otherness, but also her compassion. "I am a co-creator of the universe." Wow! Yet you were able to approach her and ask for her wisdom. Very cool!

I guess we'll be peeking into Step 16 soon! See you around the boards!
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