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The designs on the robe of the High Priest

Hi Amy,
The designs on the robe of The High Priest represents the 3 shamanic worlds. The upper world, the middle world and the underworld or lower world. When on a shamanic journey the shaman will feel him/herself being pulled into one of these 3 levels. The upper world is the world of guides and teachers if you feel yourself lifting you may encounter a guide or teacher for your information. If you feel yourself staying on the same level you are physically sitting in you may be journeying to the middle world the world where time travel can take place. If you feel yourself being pulled down you may be journeying to the underworld the realm of power animals. These journeys can occur spontaneously or can be induced through monotonous drumming which can still and bore the mind so much that it induces trance.

Since not everyone has the ability or desire to visit other dimensions of reality the High Priest as spiritual leader and shaman will journey to these worlds to retrieve whatever knowledge his people may need. The role of the priest is mediator between this world and the next, between the physical and the spiritual, between the world of humans and the world of the animals his people need for survival. His knowledge protects him as he travels to spiritual realms.

When looking at the MAAT cards in terms of the shaman we will see the Fool as the innocent young initiate about to stumble into his first usually unbeckoned journey into the underworld his power animal with him is the dog. In MAAT the Fool is symbolized as the constellation Orion sacred to the ancient Egyptian's Orion represented osiris god of the underworld represented as the sun at midnight.
The Hermit card shows the ascended master who has himself become a teacher in the upper world. In MAAT the Hermit represents the sun-god Ra the highest of ancient Egyptian gods the sun in the afternoon.
The horned Emperor in MAAT Tarot represents the shaman's journey used in hunting magic.

This 3 level structure would make an excellent card spread.
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