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Ah, come on, now!

Hey, guys and gals. This step is really easy. Why are you all holding back on doing this? I want each of you to again look at what squeakmo9 and I have done in terms of a "sketch" of our cards. Here are some pointers . . .

** Follow Mary Greer's examples of using stick figures. Everyone can draw those.

** Lightly trace your card using light-weight paper, just putting in the outline of whatever is shown. Then, using heavier strokes, change, enlarge, add or leave out whatever you wish to.

** If you don't have a scanner, take a digital camera picture and send the file to me. I'll reduce it, compress it and post it for you.

** If you don't have a scanner or a digital camera, then PM me and I'll send you my postal address. You can send your sketch to me and I'll scan it and post it for you.

** If none of those approaches are feasible, then just do the exercise and then write about what you did, what you changed, why, and what your sketch suggests to you.

You can't back out at this late stage because you feel you are graphically challenged or resource challenged. I can't really convey the powerful insight this exercise provides in unlocking perceptions and feelings about a card. When you "criticize" a card, that is, you realize that it need to convey its message differently or better, then it lets you look at other cards in some kind of expanded way. It a new sense of freedom that takes away from acceptance of what we are handed and into a zone of being able to work with what we have to move to a deeper and more "capable" space.

PS: If you guys don't get with the program I'm going to PM each of you. Dave
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