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I am overly critical of my self and I thin that is the biggest lesson I learned from this step. Sad to say I have no way of posting my image here but I can describe it best I can.

I did not realize it before but trying to draw her legs they make a perfect 4. her arms with her body between them almost form a 4 as well. She has 5 stars on her tiara and 5 stars behind her.

Most star cards pours or deal with water she pours light.

I think the lesson I learned from this step and this book in general is "letting go" I work with computers for a living and I analyze things a lot with tarot and just like AA I can not analyze to much or I will not move forward.

I hope this counts as a step I can assure you I did draw some thing and when I get a chance to I can maybe fax it to some one with a scanner as I do not have a scanner here at Schering plough that i can use with out this being obvious.

And I can not draw so no laughing
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