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MAAT Study Group-King of Cups

Week of the full moon in Sagittarius

“The full moon phase symbolizes generosity and the need to give to others. This phase implies an intuitive objective understanding of self and others.”

King of Cups

Planetary ruler Mercury

The image for the King of Cups is the l u s t y bridegroom with just one thing on his mind. He is dressed in the c o s t u m e of Bacchus or Dionysious god of wine. In his hand is a goblet of mead.

Mead is a drink of ancient origins which is made from fermented honey. In ancient Babylon the father of the bride would bestow his new son-in-law with a month's worth of mead. Essentially the groom is being given a month’s worth of honey and it is from this practice that the word honeymoon derives.

The King of Cups aligns with the High Priest (Hierophant) in the MAAT Tarot giving him the role of husband to the Queen and father of her children. The King of Cups' union with the Queen of Cups will create the next generation. This aligns him with the archetype of the 'Holy Father', the green man and the wild man of the woods.

This card signifies the relationship that has stability loyalty and longevity. This is a relationship where there is a hunger for each other's company a card of one's truest love.

He also represents the personification of the green plants of the summer season.

Traditional tarot meaning: a man with brown hair, and the zodiac sign Pisces

In a Reading: This card represents a man who has control over his emotions. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. He is calm, charming, sweet and isn’t effected by scenes of emotional drama. He has an extremely affectionate and generous nature is a kind and patient lover and a good father. Despite the fact he loves to party and wouldn’t think of passing up a good time this man is a’ keeper’.

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