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Beneath the tide ...

Just thinking about my previous post, in the 'Four of Cups' thread.

Isn't release a relief? Doesn't it feel better to get something off of your chest? Isn't it true that a problem shared is a problem halved?

In the 'four', I felt tense [I am lining the two cards up together]. I felt clogged. I was like a dam that was about to break.

But after the break of the four walls, a sense of calm hits this card. Yes, it is sad. Something has changed. Something may have been lost. But tears cleanse, like the droplets that fall in the picture. The sturdy frame of past has melted and sunk beneath the tide. Water now rushes over it's surface. When an old person dies, we say 'at least they are not in pain anymore'. And this is how this card feels to me. Yes, loss is a sad event. But hope and faith replaces pain. Remember that the 'Hierophant' is a blessing.

This is probably the most positive 'Five of Cups' I have seen, because it acknowledges pain, but it doesn't dwell in it. The number five strives forward, as apose to the secure but stagnant number 4, so that seems apt.

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