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Re: Umbrae’s Relationship Spread

Originally posted by Umbrae
(snip) So looking at the two outside columns separately, they tend to indicate Feel – Need – Result. However they also simultaneously represent P-P-F; AND baggage brought into the relationship, (They are read downward); simultaneously, but not really. You have to look at the cards and allow them to read themselves to you, let them tell you, “Hey! This is a need issue”, or “Hey, I’m a Fear”. Hopes and needs are similar.
Umbrae... this looks like an excellent spread (now that I've finally gotten around to really looking at it... ). I am a little curious about one thing you said - "However they also simultaneously represent P-P-F." I don't mean to sound too obtuse... but what is P-P-F?

This has gone into my notebook... thanks for sharing.

[edited to add]

Doh!!! Never mind... duh... Past-Present-Future. I get a little dense by the end of my shift sometimes...
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