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Interesting tarot pairs

Hi peeps

I recently added a new section to my journal not surprisingly called 'interesting pairs', as many cards reinforce another either positively or negatively.

Stating straight off that we all are unlikely to agree on the exact same meanings for each card or pair so this is obviously quite basic, I'd like to start the ball rolling and hope you all have the time to add your own observations.

7 Swords + Magician - now there is a shady pair that would worry me!

Emperor + Chariot - major control freak

9 Swords + Moon - Are you making mountains out of molehills?

5 Cups + 2 Wands - time to confront, reassess, let go and move on

4 Swords + Star - time out to heal and recuperate and gather your thoughts

4 Cups + Moon - depression

5 Cups + Judgment - absolve yourself, and others, seek closure

10 wands + Devil really made a rod for your own back

8 Wands + Tower - time to don a crash helmet and take cover *LOL*

I look forward to hearing your interesting pairs

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