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Originally Posted by Little Baron
Haha. It can be difficult to communicate these things sometimes.

Yes, you are right second time - you become invisible and 1/2 is blended and shared with the page.

If you think of yourself in an invisible position, before the 6 of Wands, that is where you sit. Therefore, the 6 of Wands and 8 of Pentacles are what is shared between the page.

In that example, you are not 'described'. If the '6 of Wands' was replaced by the 'Queen of Wands', you would be described. You, as the queen, would then share only the '8 of Pents' with the page, but from the court describing you, you would learn a little more about your position.

Make sense?
Yes, that's cleared it up for me now - putting into practice is the hard part now

Originally Posted by Little Baron

1. Page of Cups >>>> 5 of Cups >>>> King of Wands

A relationship with an age and attitude difference which has had something regretful happening between the people, perhaps due to the King's overbearing personality having left the sensitive page feeling brushed off?

A young or emotionally vulnerable person feeling down seeks solace and advise from an older kind person

A son or daughter has fallen out with a parent and neither will budge

Oh these are scary lol, think I will stop there
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