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Yes, definitely, Nancy. I would see the page as someone in the background who is emotionally vulnerable and needs the king. This could be an ex-lover, a dependant. It is someone, I would say, that requires emotional assistance and has emotional needs. This might be draining on the King of Wands, who might not be so good at showing his emotions or working with them.

Many people see the 'Three of Swords' as a love triangle, so it would not be unlikely that this page was the third person or spanner in the works of an emotional breakup. If the relationship was going okay, it might be an indication to look out for such a third party. Does the king have a friend who has unrealistic and inappropriate demands that he puts on him? Is he the object of someone younger's hero worship? Is someone jealous of your relationship with the king? These things may not have come into effect quite yet, so the point of the reading is to keep an eye out for anything that might be unhealthy and will possibly damage your relationship with this man.

At least, that is how I see it.

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