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I'll join in since I have trouble sometimes. I have the excellent book on the minors and courts by Isabel Radow Kliegman called Tarot and the Tree of Life to consult, but for now I'm just going with what I feel or see.

I will use the Experimental Tarot since it isn't popular. (2.99 LB. . . )

Mother of Water. Pine trees and waterfall, the sea and dolphins swimming against a backdrop blue sky with a teal-coloured grid on it and a large white moon. The Queen looks like an illustration after Botticelli's famous birth of Venus.

One of my decks or several, memory escapes, has this Queen in a harbour like the mermaid in the port of Copenhagen. She is a bit like that, I can see her enticing sailors in a humorous way, getting people to loosen up, but also guiding them, marking the channel.

We feel so uptight on land, but in the water we feel weightless and the feel of water around and between our limbs is delightful. She nurtures but in a loose way--she wants you to figure it out like water running through your mind and over your limbs. Protective but cleansing, liquid insight, timeless lapping water, shimmering, absorbing, sustaining life.

Yet underneath is her grid of safety and order. Birth and leaps of joy and flow and white light and openness with guiding intelligence.
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