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The Golden Tarot of Klimt
(top right)
From this image, I get the brooding, somewhat moody aspect of this card. Also, all those wavy lines speak to the fluidity of her nature, of water. This Queen is sensuous, and concerned with what pleases her.
And this pic in particluar reminds me of the common link of this card with Scorpio
Some of the common attributes of a sun-sign scorpio:

"Scorpio THE SCORPION - the sign of Transformation
Still waters run deep and in the case of Scorpio, there is much more going on under the surface than meets the eye. Consider a black hole which swallows up everything that comes within its power and we can only guess what happens next. However, this is the sign of beginnings and endings, birth and death and the certainty that comes with knowing that nothing stays the same forever. What a paradox - constant change!. Scorpio's are intense and have and have an ability to wait a very long time before they take action to put right a wrong. Better to have one as a true, trust and loyal friend than an enemy
We love you at your Best ...
When you are cutting through the cr*p and finding a cause worth fighting for when everyone else has given up. You go to the places that others fear and may have to do the dirty work but what you offer is a gift, enlightenment and the ability to allow others to see through their nightmares and demons and get to the other side. You are a trusted and loyal friend but once you are crossed forgiveness is difficult and you may prefer to move on, rather than put things right.

Powerful feelings and emotions, committed, loyal, imaginative, discerning, subtle, persistent, determined.

.... Difficult to Live With!
Sometimes you simply cannot help being manipulative and your mastery over others can bring a fair amount of anguish. However, you are fiercely protective and will do what it takes to keep what's yours, yours. Jealousy can be your undoing and it's possible that obsessiveness can be scary. Scorpios have the ability to see through lies and are not impressed by blagging and will not suffer fool."
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