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MAAT Study Group-9 of Coins

Maat Card of the week-
First quarter Moon in Libra

9 of Coins
Planetary ruler the Moon

The image for the 9 of Coins is a beautiful young woman in a lush garden. Nine coins decorate her flowing red gown. Her left (receiving) hand touches her pregnant belly signified by the first coin, which depicts the image of the first month of gestation. Each coin shows the developmental stages of her child. In her right (giving) gloved hand she holds a falcon, the falcon’s eyes are covered and his feet are tethered. The falcon represents the soul of her child. In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs the soul or ba is often depicted as a large bird with a human head.

Though the image for the Nine of Coins looks beautiful and idyllic there is a sense of confinement. The garden is enclosed by a stone wall. This can be seen as security meaning no one can get in and disturb her, but also she is not able to get out either. The bird also is confined. This can be seen as protection as well, or it can be seen as the way the woman controls the bird and uses his instincts for her benefit. The garden itself is manicured and controlled. Nothing is out of place. There are no weeds or dry plants.

The image of the pregnant woman is often idealized by some men and often viewed romantically by some young women or women unable to have children. What from the outside looks beautiful desirable and idyllic in actuality takes incredibly hard work. The actual experience of being pregnant and raising children is a lot like the meticulous work of taking care of a lavish garden. The garden may look beautiful, natural and effortless but it is a constant vigilant job to keep plants pest free and healthy; to keep invasive species from encroaching and to keep rabbits and other animals from eating the fruits of your labor. So it is with this card.
The young woman gives up her freedom so that the soul/falcon/child may manifest into the physical world. She nurtures and feeds herself and stays within the confines of the garden so this new life may come though her, giving up her time and her youth in exchange. Her reward in the end will be her child who will become a man/woman beyond her expectations. By the time her ambitions are realized her beauty and youth will only be a memory and she may even forget what lies outside the garden walls.

There is also the idea here that if humans choose to control Nature, humans are at once the ones being controlled. When human's made the leap from hunter/gatherers and began to raise animals and practice agriculture they gained security but they also lost the Garden of Eden.

I also see this card as the steps one must follow to reach a goal, it is the time and effort and maturity it takes to get from one step to the next. Some people have a hard time getting through the phases of life, recreating, repeating or trying to hold on to some phase of live or process. Like the forty year old man who trades in his wife for 2 twenty year olds only to end up raising another family in his 40's instead of enjoying the freedoms that come with a mature relationship.

Traditional tarot meaning: comfort, stability and well being
In a Reading: This card represents a person who has inherited wealth and a comfortable life from her family. She may not have earned her wealth and she may or may not realize the work it takes to maintain her lifestyle. She also represents the nine months it takes to gestate a fetus before a baby can be born. This card therefore represents stages of development and the work that it takes to get from one stage to the next. It can also suggest a symbiotic relationship.

Have a great week and welcome to Summer!
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