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that inner scream ...

Scary Mary ...

This card speaks true horror and fear to me. I can hear the scream piercing my ears. The sound of terror.

It is being alone on the moor - that lonely misty landscape I see at the bottom of the card.

It is waking in a cold sweat from a nightmare.

For that one second or two, you are absorbed in worry and fear, as if picked out under a miscroscope. All you can hear is your own, inner scream.

I worry a lot, so can relate to this card. Some worries are valid. Some are not. But each has the same intensity. All I can hear is that inner scream. Nothing else matters at that time.

Rationality goes out of the window when I am in this position. For me, this is a card of nightmares, whether founded or not. Our mind distorts what is true and this is where the panic comes from.

Inner fears. Your worst nightmares.

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