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I see quite a lot of the RWS card in this one.

I see a box within a box, within a box ... [etc].

It reminds me of people putting things away for safety. Locking them up and guarding them, as this snake does. It is about protection and power over these things. And in earth, I think this can be a solid and secure thing. It might signify a time of stability in the home, business or finances.

But it could also be obsessive. I see obsession over objects and money. I see more interest in these than in people. What use is things in boxes?

A great card for savings, but it might ask, what good are savings while piling up in the bank if you could do with a good holiday? Are we being too overprotective? Could we distribute a little of our own wealth to someone less fortunate? Could we pass on things that we no longer need? Is a tarot deck better in someone's hands than shrinkwrapped on a shelf where it will never be used. I also see possessiveness here, using people as objects.

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