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i did my elemental spread with my runes this morning, and drew Sowilo upright in the Fire/Wands/Passion & Transformation spot. i love that, because it indicates that the fire for change that i feel has been recognized by the universe (as well as inspired by It!).

i guess positive & negative is all in your perspective. i tend to be a very positive glass-half-full kind of person, and i tend to see the runes in the same way. even when i draw one that warns me of a tough time, the advice is always sound & helps me through it. the tough time is going to come regardless, so i might as well have some good counsel to help me out!

edited to add: "so full of male energy"??? why? because they are about being a Spiritual Warrior? i have never once seen any gender preference in the runes or their interpretations. Laurie Cabot talks about how the Warrior is part and parcel of the Witch archetype in her book, The Witch In Every Woman. i completely agree. any woman who fails to embrace her inner warrior has failed to completely know and appreciate her true nature. consider this: amongst mammals in general, which is more likely to kill to protect their offspring, the mother or the father? women may fear that power, but it is most certainly there.


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