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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
As we reach and participate in these last few steps it seems to me that we are moving to a new level of understanding and ability to view cards from many different aspects -- almost as if each card was embedded withiin a diamond where each facet reveals a new twist in the card's application to life's questions and experiences. It may take more time to articulate this adventure that several of us have been on, but I think it is safe to say that we are more today than we were months ago as tarot readers. If my associates on this list also feel that way, I think Mary Greer will be pleased to have helped us. Dave
Dave I fullheartedly agree with your comment. I view all tarot cards quite differently and with more ease now then before. It has helped me learn how I read them best and how to look at them and the story they tell individually as well as a group in a spread. Patterns are also more noticeable.

I have completed this step but have not had a chance to post yet, hope to soon. I did draw my Star, and am actually currently working on a painting of it. The Star used to be a pretty card to me, one I liked to see in readings, and usually positive. This journey has tought me the depth of that card and now it has come to represent to me my "happy/safe place". It is also the place where I can look at myself very introspectively and honestly without beating myself up and where no one else can touch me. And I will confess, I am now quite partial to the Ibis woman, though I don't care for the fish still *LOL*. I never knew the depth of this card until doing this work. I cannot wait to see what Coyoteblack and I learn about the Moon when we start the Adept level of this work.

Mary, thank you for creating the book. It has opened a new world of depth and understanding to me. I still have one more Apprentice step to go, and all of the Adept level, but with what I have done so far it has not only helped me better understand and read tarot cards, it has helped me look at myself and tackle areas that required some work and some real self-honesty. Your book is a true gift to those who choose to travel the road. I know I will be using it more than this one time.

Dave if you get the chance I would love for you to draw your card. I know you are artistic, and your idea sounds beautiful. If you get the chance I would love to see it.

Hey Coyoteblack, you want to create a new study group called "78 YEARS" where we can do the Apprentice level for all 78 cards???? ~ducks and runs~
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