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This was fun

Card comparison 21 ways step 20

The 4 decks: Star
• Baroque Bohemian Cats
• Quest
• Tarot of Dreams
• Ancestral Path

Quest: a lady made of star dust pours water with stars in it on the barren earth into a pentagram she pours it from a gold picture. She has a very humble look to her. She is facing right

Tarot of Dreams: is a naked blue woman pouring 2 rainbows from her vessels she is in space with a large star under her feet and stars surrounding her head her body is facing right her head is almost facing forward

Ancestral path an African woman very naked is on the plains she has one foot in the water and one knee on the earth she pours from 2 different cups she pours water on the ground as well as in the pool of water there are some letters carved into a pillar behind her she is facing forward

BBC a white British short hair is facing left she purrs from 2 different cups she is in the city by a fountain in a white gown she pour s water onto the ground as well as the pool there is a statue behind her this looks like an world town. With building around the cat( I am assuming female)

I lined the cards up from left to right quest, tarot of dreams, ancestral path, and BBC .

I figured if the star from ToD was in space the opposite would be in the city. Then I noticed how the cards were facing the quest tarot was completely right where as the BBs was complete left with the other 2 where in the middle. Also as far as they way people were facing I take as looking from the past into our future.

What is the same is they were all pouring something. All female and all naked except the cat( she is dressed but that is the exact opposite of how she normally would be be).plus they all look kind of humble

As far as what is different: 2 are in space 2 are on the earth none of the ladies are the same, one is made of space and blue one is made of star dust and is silver the other is African the other is a cat. Also they are all pouring from something different.

As far as emotions they are all humble and I feel awed looking at them . I also get this feeling of
Overwhelming compassion from them and a lot love and empathy.

As far as new key word I always thought of this card as hope but I also see healing and compassion and empathy. A sence of “part of” with the entire cosmos.

For today I think the quest tarot is more of the healer of the bunch and I could use some emotional healing.

If I were to design my own Star card:

Picture a room with a bunch of chairs people facing a podium a large coffee urn on the far side most everyone has a look of contentment on their faces. In one corner a young person not sure if it is a guy or girl has a look of bewilderment on their faces like they are lost and confused. An older woman hands this person a cup, and pours coffee. The older woman is all smiles and happiness a compassionate look in her eyes and she is talking to the youth in an AA meeting. And behind the podium is the sign of a star.

See when we come into our first AA meeting we are coming from a tower situation ( rock bottom) when we enter the meeting someone tells us there story and we don’t feel all alone because someone else understands what we went through, because they went though it as well. and that is when a normal cup of coffee is transformed into a medium of kindness and compassion as the other person “ 12 steps” the new comer.

ps thanks Mary and jewel there will be a brick arriving from jersey to Texas any second now in answer to your 78 decades comment
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