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MAAT Study Group-Queen of Coins

Week of the full moon in Capricorn

“The full moon phase symbolizes generosity and the need to give to others. This phase implies an intuitive objective understanding of self and others.”

Queen of Coins

Planetary ruler the Moon

The image for the Queen of Coins is an ancient Egyptian queen whose pregnancy is beginning to show. She places a golden coin into an alabaster treasure box. The coin is symbolic of the soul of her child whose body is protected and maturing in her womb. She is also a symbol for the Great Mother Earth whose body, according to ancient Egyptian lore would accept the sun everyday at sunset and who also gives birth to the sun each morning. The Queen of Coins represents a woman of great wealth; she is the fertile earth bearing fruit and the mountain cave where the Hermit resides. She is a supporter of the arts. This queen has inherited her wealth and she has a distinguished family lineage. She is abundantly fertile and has no problem having or supporting a big family. She adores being a mother and often makes this her main focus in life. Because of her wealth she is able to volunteer her time to help her community. Her good works continue to be returned to her and her wealth is continually sustained.

The Queen of Coins is a good card to meditate on when you need help getting your power back. Sometimes in the course of life we can give too much of our own power away giving others credit for things we have done or not taking time to appreciate what we have contributed. The Queen of Coins teaches us to put our golden coins safely into our own treasure boxes and not to give too much of our selves away. When you take care of yourself first you will have plenty to give to others. The Queen of Coins gets her self esteem from her great relationship with her father. She is definitely a daddy’s a girl.

Traditional tarot meaning: a woman with dark hair and eyes, and the zodiac sign Capricorn

In a Reading: A woman doted on by her father. She has wealth and poise she supports the arts and volunteers in her community. She loves being a mother and devotes much of her time to her family. She will go to great lengths to keep her family and its reputation safe. Her children are well educated and have the best of everything in life just like she did.
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