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Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - 2 of Swords

Against a violet background we see a set of perfectly balanced scales. Below the scales are two upward pointing swords with their blades crossed.

This is one of those cards that (to me anyway) seems to have a few different meanings and this card shows them all very well.

This could be two points of view coming together, it could be two ideas in your head together.
We have these two points of view or two sides of an argument or discussion held in perfect balance creating a stalemate. This is something that can't go on forever, the scales will have to tip one way or the other sooner or later.. It's a delicate balance creating a time of peace (for now) but not a peace that can last.
Once again, as a two the card relates to The High Priestess and shows us a time of pause and of introspection, that time just before a decision is made when it is still held in balance.

As well as showing 2 points of view or 2 thoughts this image could also just simply show the time when we decide what to do with the energy presented to us in the Ace.
The Ace is the 'light-bulb moment', the moment when we become conscious of a new idea but also see it's potential for success, it's all there in front of us, if only we can decide what to do with it.
And this card is that process, the decision making.
It's a time when we weigh up our various options before we finally make the decision that then becomes the three.

I think that it's also possible to relate this to the RWS image where we see a blindfolded woman holding two crossed swords with her back to the ocean. The RWS image speaks not only of stalemate and of an uneasy peace but also of a refusal to see the emotional side of something. The blindfolded woman refuses to acknowledge the emotional issues and focuses just on logic.
The fact that the two swords in this image are crossed could also point to something being blocked out too although not so much as with the RWS version.

Edited to add
More thoughts that I would like to add to this post:
The crossed swords blocking out those emotions could also be seen in a protective way. They are shielding us from our emotions.
This links this card well with the Marseilles version of the card in which we see two curved swords, interlinked at either end and creating an enclosure in which a beautiful flower blooms. The swords protect the flower just as the crossed swords protect the initial idea or even protect us from our emotions which could interfere with the decision making process.
Does that make sense?
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