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Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - 3 of Swords

Hurray a 3 of Swords card without rain or a bleeding heart pierced by swords.
Ooh I really don't like that RWS image that seems to have found it's way into so many other Tarot decks.
I dislike it because it is so one dimensional. It shows one meaning for the 3 of Swords but there are so many more and they don't all involve heartache and sorrow.

So here we have the usual violet background of the Swords suit and against it we see three swords with their blades pointing upwards.
2 swords are crossed and the third crosses them both.
To the left of the swords we see a blue heart and to the right of the swords we see another blue heart but this one is upside down.
What an interesting image.

The stalemate and peace of the two has been broken by the third sword so this card could simply mean that a decision has been reached.
The balance has been broken and this could be happy or sorrowful.
The two hearts tell me that the emotions which were blocked or ignored in the Two are involved again.
Threes are related to The Empress and are expressive, expansive and productive.
This card could be advising us to say what we think, stop holding things in, even if it hurts.

Thoughts anyone?
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