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Originally Posted by Sulis
This card could be advising us to say what we think, stop holding things in, even if it hurts.
That's some great advice for this card!

Like the image of the stabbed, bleeding heart and stormy skies, this card has become synonymous with heartbreak. And while this is certainly true, it isn't the only way to view it.

I once read in a book called "Step by Step Tarot" by Terry Donaldson about the 3 of swords in general and these thoughts have stayed with me. "learn to communicate better with the people in your life whom you love" to avoid heartbreak. And; You have experienced heartbreak in the past "because you didn't know about communication and how powerful a remedial tool it can be...."

I think that really emphasises what you were saying Sulis. If we don't express our wants and needs to our loved ones, we really are setting ourselves up for heartache and disappointment.

Did you notice that the heart that is upside down on the right hand side is a "deeper shade of blue"? (Uh-oh stop me before I start singing an awful yet contagious and highly appropriate song by Steps) Seriously, one heart is light blue and one is dark blue. I took that as a reminder that even in our darkest sorrows, there is still some joy. Even if you have had your heart broken, there is still love in your life, friends, family, people who care. I also took these two hearts to represent the sometimes fickleness of love, and the fine line that exists between love and hate.

The two swords are crossed with the third resting on top. Almost like the two of swords, plus the ace. Clarity is or will be found and perhaps more importantly, you will have the strength to continue through adversity.

This image is kind of reassuring, like there is hope, it's not all doom and gloom. Still don't want to be on the pointy end though!
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