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Daves 21st Step with the Fey Fool card.

As I work with this card and these exercises, the following words seem to be foremost in my thoughts:
** Curiosity
** Wonderment
** Trust

Expanding of these words:

CURIOSITY: This is the outward quality reflecting an active, associative mind. We involve ourselves in our world, we turn over the leaf, rock and seashell just to see what can be found.

WONDERMENT: A mind attuned to the universe, the cycle of life (again and again), and in search of both its place and its path, discovers a constant flow of events and experiences which bring wonderment to the fore. Wonderment marks an expanding mind and fuels the mind, body and spirit.

TRUST: Curiosity and wonderment build ones trust in oneself, in others, in the greater world around us. The greater "good", of which we are a part, never denies more curiosity, wonderment and growth.

An AFFIRMATION: I continue to express curiosity, to be open to the wonderment in all that I do and all I have contact with, and trust that these qualities will continually grow within me for my benefit and for all those I know.

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