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I tried both spreads (before I included them both in the lwb!) and I think both work great...
although sometimes you have to think outside the box a bit before the meaning is clear..but they really work!

Debra...7 isn't a bad number at all!
(although I also did your spread with just the rhyme in my mind...choosing four stones {one...two...three...four}

The first...fence represented an obstacle {because a fence stands in the way}

the second stone was the sky...represented I wanted to do, perhaps if the obstacle wasn't there!

third stone...tells me What I can do about it {either the freedom or the Fence}

and fourth stone was why it was happening...the higher purpose, meaning, or simply what circumstances led to the current situation!

This was a reinterpretation to make it a quicker reading...because I loved the poem so much!
And No, I didn't include this part in the book...because the deadline was looming...but someday I may write a bigger book!)

And by the way...THANK YOU! for the lovely feathers Debra!
and I should have your set ready to mail in about a week as well!
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