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Originally Posted by Daizdy
I am so thrilled I found this thread! Last summer I was awoken by loud, obnoxious bird calls outside my window. I laid there a moment and thought, "that sounds like a crow". I've seen crows on tv but I've never seen one in real life. I jumped out of bed and stepped out the front door to find three crows cawing in my tree. I was dumbfounded and stood there watching them for the longest time. I was wondering if it was some sort of sign because I felt it was just too odd that they were there. I never found anything online about crows and divination so just gave up the thought. But, wooo hooo! Finally!

Thanks very much Chronata!
Aren't Crows wonderful? They're my favourite bird! I have always loved watching them and their antics. Tons of crows live right by me in the trees (well at least they nest there) and the sound of hundreds of them swooping, cawing and the like is amazing. Looking up into the high trees, they almost look like a black cloud hovering in the treetops. They can be quite friendly. I have one who appears very silently behind me all the time at work, maybe it's not the same one, but I think it is. He just stares at me and follows me around.

There is so much legend, myth and magic connected with Crows, I thought Chronata's idea was brilliant
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