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Re: Signed Decks

Originally posted by retrokat
Signing batches of boxes for decks sold through one of the specialist US-based sellers (such as the fab Tarot Garden) - that way it would probably be possible to keep the price at RRP for a signed deck, even though I don't live in the US. Any other suggestions welcomed!
Sorry I'm jumping into this thread a little late... I was away on business for a chunk of September and October, and wasn't on the boards much. So I missed this post when it originally went up.

I have a question: if, once USG releases the Golden Tarot and we can get it in stock, would folks be willing to pay the standard price for the deck if the shrinkwrap was off? Unless USG is going to provide you with free boxes and cover shipping costs, Kat, it seems there'd be some notable expense in obtaining the boxes and subsequently shipping them back to North America. Conversely, I expect it wouldn't cost but a few dollars to take the (very flat and light) title cards out of the boxes, mail them to you, have you sign them, and mail them back. My only concern is that once the shrinkwrap is off of the box, there's a question (from the buyer's standpoint) about whether the deck has been "used" or not -- which wouldn't be the case in this situation.

Does this provide a workable and economical solution?

-- Jeannette
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