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"The Queen of Swords" seems to me a bit gentler than her counterpart, the King. However, she denotes a similar sense of *no-nonsense,* as he does. This lovely queen is incredibly focused on whatever she's thinking or whatever she intends to do. I'm just hoping she won't be so caught up in her own thoughts and actions that she unintentionally slices some of her nose...with that sharp blade perched so close to her face! I got a kick out of how Robin described this as reminding her of keeping one's "nose to the grindstone." I'm personally reminded that sometimes one can be so intent on something, that the big picture gets lost...even to the detriment to one's health.

Like the King of Swords, this Queen is dressed in a cloak that shows the sky during daytime and night...with one being the flip-side of the other. In her book, Robin wrote, "Skies, of course, are symbolic of air. And this also suggests she can show both sides, light and air, which is life; and the darkness and quiet in the vacuum of space." This is a Lady who is fully and consciously aware of what she's doing and where she stands on something. Yet, she's also intuitive and taps into the depths of her subconscious goldmine. She uses all that she owns in order to make the best possible decisions.

While the Queen of Swords doesn't appear particularly violent, she IS holding a sword and I'm reminded that she surely knows how to use it. Since this suit represents knowledge (among other things), she seems to be a highly intelligent person, calculated and organized both in her thoughts and through her deeds. If she feels that someone needs to hear the sharp edge of her tongue or be shown the error of their ways, I'm guessing she wouldn't be afraid to let 'er rip. And being the person she is, she would have thought and planned ahead of time the results of such a verbal or physical onslaught...tho' since another person's energy are part of the equation, anything could happen in the end. This Queen may be smart, but she's not necessarily wise in all situations...queen or no queen. I'm reminded in my readings with this woman present, that I (or the querent) should think very carefully before speaking or acting, as no matter how hard one tries to envision the outcome, things can and often do go wrong and one might be left with more problems than when one started. 'course since the Queen is a court card, perhaps a person (be they male or female; young or old) with her qualities will figure heavily with regards to the question the querent asked.
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